Our Story
About our company

We started Predict Vision in 2017 as an Artificial Intelligence Startup with main focus on the healthcare. As our company evolved we developed projects within other sectors like finance, energy, retail and telecom. We realized that the new technologies like AI become exclusive and the majority of people stayed outside of the new economy and we saw an opportunity to enhance our mission of helping people even more.

Our mission
We are helping people to get a success.

Predict Vision AI is on a mission to enhance people’s lives by making the benefits of Web3 accessible to all. Powered by its proprietary AIIA tokens, our decentralized Educational platform will open up a world of opportunities for individuals without any technological knowledge.

What we do

Thousands of users and investors around the world are joining us

Our platform will enable regular people to engage and participate in the new AI, Blockchain and Metaverse future. It will introduce, adapt, and retrain ordinary people, allowing them to grow and have an opportunity in a new leading-edge marketplace that will require a new, skilled workforce. Come and join us.

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