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Our platform is designed to help ordinary people become extraordinary. Whether to build a new career or to enhance your skills, we will help you build your future.

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The Project

AIIA Educational Platform by Predict Vision will give you the opportunity to learn and create AI algorithms,  Blockchain smart contracts in an easy way. We know how complex it is and based on our knowledge we will simplify it for you. No matter what is your background, our platform is designed to support you in all steps as self-learned or through our global community. Learning sometimes can be boring and to keep our users motivated we have implemented the learn to earn method, so while you are committed to learn, we will reward you with AIIA tokens.

Business model

To access our platform, users will require to be AIIA Token holders. Once you have AIIA tokens on your wallet, the access to our platform will be free.

That’s right, completely free! We won’t take any of the tokens you own, just be a holder will allow you to access 100’s courses.  You will acquire knowledge while the tokens on your wallet will increase value. You will earn twice.

How we will make money from the platform? We will charge fees from the ecosystem partners and all the transactions within our marketplace inside the platform.

For example, in case an HR agency is interested to hire or have access to one of our users, they will pay a fee to access the brightest candidates.

The most important part, is that our project won’t rely on the token volatility and it will not affect the project long term sustainability and existence.

How it works

It is simple and completely free to access our platform.


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Main advantages

There are plenty of benefits to become one of our investor and users. We have listed few  below.


Learn for free

You will have a free access to our platform, just need to be a token holder.


Earn & Learn

During your educational journey you will be rewarded with AIIA token.


Become an Investor

The platform is yours, you will learn and earn financially.


Build a new career

Your future built by you. We will help you on your journey.



Our content will be available in different languages to suit everyone.


Investment Funds

We have been there and know how important is to have someone holding you back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the power of marketing and know how important is it. But, we understand that to marketing works well for the short term, to attract investors and users for the short term. From the beginning our concern was to create a long term project which will add value to the society and to the stakeholders and we realized that the best marketing for the long term will be our product. We are focused toward the product to build a great experience and something to help people understand the new technologies, it wasn't done by anyone yet, so we are up to the challenge. So far we have been working and developing the project most with our own capital and we have set a budget and a plan for it. As we believe in the project , we commit our own capital to show to everyone that we are serious to get it done.

The platform will be a multi language platform to fit the local needs and local education standards, however at this moment our community is only English base, but we are going to do better and create new communities in other languages as well. stay tuned through our channels.

We are building some AI tools to understand and measure how you learn and what content fits better your past experience and goals, We are building a platform where it will understand your needs and give personalized contents as well to measure how well, how fast you learn. Also, we are working with psychology and educational professionals to create the best evaluation method , fair and assertive. We have partners looking for talents all over the globe and they are interested to interview those talents.

You see it on daily basis all the technology available for you , but most of the people do not have an idea how it works and how it was created. Not only talking about the crypto that is something different, it is not only technology, you need to have financial understanding as well.

But when it comes to the technology, in case you understand how it works, you start to have ideas, you start to see why it wasn't done in this way, etc. People's ability start to flourish and people start to create startup's , new products, get a new career , a new job.

This is what will move their lives and the digital economy in the future, Knowledge!

We need to feed people knowledge, so they will come with their own way to build their future and life. The crypto isn't the value, the value is the knowledge behind and around it. Let's make people start using their critical thinking to not accept the status quo and change their life, build their own future.

Our plan is to scale the platform globally, as you have mentioned mainly to the under privileged countries. We are building our communities and we are looking for "ambassadors" of our project in each country to work with us and help us reach those in need. Who's better than a local person to know and understand the local needs and the local culture? We understand that and we welcome anyone in take part of our project and to join us. As I have mentione, the AIIAX token is to keep the platform running, not to generate profit and people , community that help us will be rewarded with tokens. This will ensure supply and demand as well.

Nowadays, this is very important. Data and Trust! We have worked with AI and data few years already, used patient data to develop tools for cancer screening for example, and what is more important than patient data? We take it very serious and for the platform we understand the value of privacy and trust. Trust is earned everyday, so we will work everyday to keep it. We will not do anything from behind the scenes without users consent. It will be a community based platform and through the years we will transfer the power and maintenance of the platform through the community. The long term vision is that. We create it, the community will take over and create a circle of prosperity and knowledge to the community and to the society and the wheel will keep running.

Great question and it allow us to clear some confusion. Our platform is not for play. You won't play anything and your mom won't bother you for keep playing.

Our AIIA WEB3 Platform is designed to acquire knowledge, so if you keep learning you will be rewarded with our tokens in a fair manner.


We are working in a Global scale, so far we have partners in Latin America, Japan, Canada and Europe. We want to reach many people as possible and if possible those regions where people needs the most and this is why the ecosystem and the community is so important , they will be the ambassadors for the project.Our AIIA WEB3 Platform is designed to acquire knowledge, so if you keep learning you will be rewarded with our tokens in a fair manner.

Our main target is to help people get in the new technology economy and benefit from it. We see lots of jobs opening paying a good salary but no one to take it and in the other hand we see a lot of unemployed people , young people without an opportunity to thrive in the new economy. We see something is wrong.

If we could help at least one person to enhance his life and achieve his goals we have accomplished our target that is to promote education and knowledge to enhance's peoples lives.

This question is what keep us awake and thinking day and night.

As the previous question, people need to be aware what holds value of a token. It is not only a project , but the transparency and the relationship built with all the investors.

As I have mentioned previously, our project doesn't need a token and can survive without it, why? Because we are building it to the users, to the community, not to the investors.

The business model behind the project is designed to generate revenue not from the token, but from the platform itself and through the ecosystem built. In this way it will ensure the long term viability for the project without the risk of die in case the token price go down.

Of course, we will ensure the long term return to the investors and we want our investors to be a long term holders. It will work like a company, it will reward long term investors through the normal token valuation, but also we will distribute bonus and dividends from the profits the platform generates to them. So, at the end will be worth to hold our token.