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Web3 Educational Platform

Our platform is designed to help ordinary people learn new technologies and to fill the gap where there is a lack in the educational system. Whether build a new career or to enhance your skills, we will help you build your future.

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The concept

You will have the opportunity to learn and create AI algorithms or Blockchain smart contracts in an easy way. We know how complex it is and based on our knowledge we will simplify it for you. No matter what is your background, our platform is designed to support you in all steps as self-learned or through our global community. Learning sometimes can be boring and to keep our users motivated we have implemented the learn to earn method, so while you are committed to learn, you will be rewarded with AIIA tokens.

How it works

It is simple and completely free to access our platform.


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Buy AIIA Tokens on our website, launchpad or exchange.

Connect wallet

Connect your wallet. We will check if you are AIIA token holder. If yes, free access will be granted.

Start Learning

All the contents and tools will be available to you to start learn and earn.

Main advantages

There are plenty of benefits to become one of our investor and users. We have listed few  below.


Learn for free

You will have a free access to our platform, just need to be a token holder. We won’t charge or take any tokens from you. We want you to learn and at the same time become a crypto investor.


Earn tokens while learning

Knowledge decentralization is key to more and more people be able to participate in the new future based on technology and we want to incentivize people to keep learning and create a better future for themselves, that is why we will reward our users.


Become an Investor

You will not be an ordinary user, you will become one of our investors! While the project grows and the token increase values, everyone will earn as project profit will be shared among the investors.


Build a new career

It is not just about learn, you will be able to build and start a new career in tech space. Our ecosystem will be composed by companies, HR agencies, Universities and Governments agencies that will help you get a job or to sell your services through our marketplace.



We know that contents in local languages are important part of the learning process as the most vulnerable and in need people aren’t native English speakers. Our content and platform will be available in different languages to suit locals need.


Investment Funds

We will set a investment fund to invest in our brightest users and ideas generated within the platform. We have been in the other side and we know there are many amazing ideas out there, just don’t have the resources to transform the idea into reality. We will help you.

Business model

To access our platform, users will require to be AIIA Token holders. Once you have AIIA tokens on your wallet, the access to our platform will be free.

That’s right, completely free! We won’t take any of the tokens you hold, just been a holder will entitle you to access all the platform contents and features. You will earn twice. You will acquire knowledge while the tokens on your wallet will increase value.

How we will make money from the platform? We will charge fees from the ecosystem partners and all the transactions within our marketplace inside the platform.

For example, in case an HR agency is interested to hire or have access to one of our users, they will pay a fee to access the brightest candidates.

Another example, if one of our talented users want to sell his/her services to someone else through our market place, we will charge a small fee.

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Hear from the investors

We have gathered some  reasons from our investors to invest in our project.


I have a young son and I would like to give him some tools to learn about AI and Blockchain. That’s why I have decided to invest.

Nick Green

We have many open positions available for WEB3 technologies which is very difficult to find candidates. The AIIA platform can help me on it to find the right new tech candidates.

Dora Adams
HR manager

Our projects needs talented individuals that knows AI and most of our projects are being delayed due to the lack of professionals. If AIIA project is running today it will be of great help.

Paul Rojers
Project manager

I see a great opportunity for long term investment as long they delivery on their promises.

Charlie Lee

Want to earn crypto?

It is an exciting time to learn and earn.